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By Creatory Team on June 16, 2022

Making a Full-time Income as a Creator is Difficult. Here's How We're Changing That

Life as a creator often means:

  • Peers mistake you for influencers.
  • Society doesn’t take you seriously.
  • Your families wonder when you’ll get an actual career.

Yet you’re an online professional who risks burnout because you’re not just creating — you’re also dealing with everything else that comes with being a creator: business admin, brand deals, and marketing, to name a few.

The creator economy has about 50 million creators worldwide and is a $104 billion industry. However, making a full-time income as a creator is difficult because the creator market differs from traditional work. You follow your passions, not blueprints. You desire legitimacy, not fame. You’re authentic, not self-indulgent. You want to change the world, not follow the status quo.

A recent MBO Partners study supports this unique career problem: only one fifth of the creators surveyed make a full-time living wage.

Does this mean you have to limit your creativity to a side-hustle?

No. There’s a smarter alternative.

We’ve been collaborating with creators for two years now. Here’s how Creatory is changing the creator landscape in South East Asia.

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The issues creators currently face in South East Asia

As a creator in Singapore, you face specific gaps and problems. Let’s explore each one:

Creators are a one-person team: there are no tools to help them juggle all the admin

As a one-person operation, you have to juggle multiple tasks ranging from content creation to business admin. Your responsibilities include:

  • Content ideation
  • Content research
  • Content creation (writing, designing, coding, or shooting videos)
  • Multiple drafts and edits
  • Video caption creation
  • Interaction with your audience (comments, emails, requests)
  • Invoicing
  • Promoting
  • Growth marketing

When you’re monetising through product promotion, you’re also shouldering customer service headaches such as responding to frequently asked questions and dealing with complaints. You even have to deal with brand hostility if you publish the wrong promo information.

You’d like to hire a personal assistant, but either you don’t make enough money to do so or don’t want to lose creative control or contact with your audience.
Being a creator is stressful. Vibely’s recent study on creator mental health revealed that 90% of creators have suffered from burnout and 71% have thought about quitting social media.

As a one person team, dealing with all the admin can be overwhelming.

Source: Vibely

Creators aren’t marketing experts

As a creator, you’re often more concerned with providing valuable content for your audience rather than making money.

This attitude often hinders you from marketing at all. When you finally give it a go, you may turn to affiliate marketing and product promotion. But first marketing efforts are often frustrating, clumsy, and time-consuming.

You also worry about losing credibility if you start monetising. You don’t want to seem fake and fear product promotion will compromise your creativity, authenticity, and audience’s trust.

What if there was a way to market and monetise while still producing high quality content?

Creators don’t have a playbook to scale

Once you start generating an income, there’s another barrier: a lack of knowledge of how to scale your business. Many creators turn to Google to find the knowledge and resources needed to scale and leave growth efforts to trial and error.

Then there’s the added pressure of growing while increasing your content output to match a growing follower base.

You also wrestle with choosing the right deals and often sell yourself short with a fixed-price contract because you don’t understand the return on investment (ROI) of per-application or commission-based earning of affiliate marketing.

There isn’t a lot of guidance out there for creators who want to scale, which makes it harder to take your passion to the next level.

Creators don’t know how much to charge brands (or manage them)

When you land branded promotion deals, you lack guidance. You may turn to Google to understand how to price yourself. Or you may reach out to other creators, hoping to gather insights and best practices. Despite your best efforts, you may undersell yourself and miss out on more profitable opportunities.

Brands also stifle creativity as they dictate their terms and control the entire promotion process from start to finish. Many creators feel that the better-paying brands are also the most demanding.

For example, brands may require promotion and content creation across multiple channels, even on platforms where you don’t have a large follower base. This leaves you stressed out and overworked, resulting in less-relevant, poor-quality content, which could damage your reputation with your audience.

Creators want to offer their audience personalised deals

Finally, you’re tired of offering conventional products to audiences. You want to promote products you would actually use and feel authentic at the same time. And you want to reward your audience’s loyalty with the right rewards.

But it’s often difficult to find the right products and make a living.

From problem-solving to creator collaboration

With eKos_connect, we attempted to solve these gaps in the creator economy. We provided creators with financial products like credit cards that offer attractive rewards. In just 2 years, we helped 200+ creators earn $2M+.

But we knew we could improve the product. We could go beyond offering the right products and give creators a greater experience and even better opportunities. After talking to hundreds of creators, we decided to create a platform that would help creators turn their passion into a full time income: Creatory.

What is Creatory?

“We believe every content creator deserves to earn a living without having to compromise their creativity or their audience’s trust.

We can unlock monetisation offers that apply to your audience and manage the entire end-to-end process for you. This way, you can focus on what you’re passionate about, which is creating content, and earn a sustainable income.

We can help you turn your passion into a full-time job minus the admin stress.”

Rohith Murthy, Creatory General Manager

TikTok, Facebook, and IG don’t pay creators very much. YouTube allows you to advertise only when you reach a certain threshold of followers. And unless you have 1M+ plus followers on any of these platforms, you're probably not making much income.

Creatory is a creator’s growth partner because we recognise you as a creative professional and work with you to build your creative business.

Here are some of the reasons to sign up with Creatory:

It’s a self-serve ready-to-use monetisation platform

We want every creator to earn $1,000 with us in the first 30 days.

We built Creatory as a self-serve platform that’ll help you find the best products and deals for you and your audience.

You’ll have a wide variety of monetisation products on a user-friendly, self-managed platform. Each promotion provides clear expectations with offer-expiration dates, audience benefits, set prices, and precise offer descriptions.

No more guesswork or wasting time chasing after brands to take you seriously. All the promotions are right there for you, available at a click of a button.

You’ll find the right rewards for the right audience

Creatory is a one-stop-shop for creator-brand partnerships.

You’ll find attractive financial products with amazing rewards that your followers can’t get elsewhere, like AirPods, cash, and vouchers. We find the deals and do the work for you so you can avoid the time-consuming hustle of tracking down the right promotions.

With our effortless promotions, you can be the rockstar creator you are and bring the right rewards to your audience authentically.

Focus less on admin, and more on earning

Our self-serve platform helps you earn a more stable living through personal finance products and offers, without struggling with the usual admin. There’s no traditional affiliate marketing here and no negotiating with brands.

Here’s how you can do less and earn more with Creatory:
  • Fixed or per-application prices so you’ll always know your rates before you partner with a brand. You’ll never have to negotiate again.
  • Done-for-you promotions from vetted brands and companies that you and your audience can trust.
  • Offers with super rewards that you can promote with integrity to your audience.
  • Guidance to match the right product and reward with your audience to maintain your credibility and audience loyalty.
  • Ready-to-use, no-maintenance content tools like banners, ads, and links will save you time. Just copy and paste in your platforms and you’re done.
  • Fast reliable payouts. No more chasing after brands about late payments.

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Turn your part-time passion into a full-fledged income

We’ve helped a lot of creators scale their businesses. Our content creators make $5,000 to $50,000 a month, and our top creators, $500,000 a year.

Here’s how Creatory can help you grow your business:

  • With our easy-to-use dashboard, you’ll have a more reliable way to earn. You can track your earnings, monitor monetisation performance, and forecast future income.
  • Transparent statistics to track your monetisation strategy means you’ll have a better understanding of your business growth.
  • Tailored tips and insights will help you understand how to earn more.
  • Our expert guidance will show you how to market yourself as a creator.
  • Done-for-you customer service means worry-free promotions (and more free time to create content or just enjoy life).
  • Our self-managed community enables you to collaborate with other content creators, share your experiences, and know you’re not alone.

Start, earn, and grow with Creatory

With Creatory, you’ll get support with admin, marketing, brand deals, and growing your business.

When you start earning a living wage, you’ll be able to spend more time doing what you love. With offers from trusted brands, you can promote quality products with peace of mind. And with ready-to-use creator-brand promotions, you can continue to delight your audience with your content.

Let us do the marketing work for you so you can do what you do best: create.

Ready to get started? Join Creatory for free

Published by Creatory Team June 16, 2022