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MaidPlus is a foreign domestic worker insurance that offers $60,000 in personal accident cover annually and up to $3,000 for accidental medical expenses during the period of cover. At MSIG, you can now purchase an enhanced 26 months’ policy for your maid.

We pay up to $50,000 for hospitalization and surgical charges including 90 days’ pre and post hospitalization expenses for diagnostic services and treatment.

Our maid insurance for foreign domestic workers extends coverage to you as an employer as well. You are covered for expenses incurred to hire a replacement foreign domestic worker following the termination of your Maid's service due to accidental death, injury or illness.


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About MSIG MaidPlus

  • Insurance guarantee bond: A Letter of Guarantee for a S$5,000 security bond will be issued to Ministry of Manpower (MOM) on your behalf
  • Enhanced medical expenses coverage: Includes Dengue fever, dental and Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) treatments
  • Daily wages and levy reimbursement: Get compensated up to S$30/day (for max. 30 days) if your helper is hospitalized
  • Replacement helper hiring fee: Reimburses S$50/day (for max. 30 days) if temporary help is required while your helper is hospitalized
  • Replacement maid expenses: Offsets fees for a replacement helper following the termination of your helper’s service due to death, injury or illness
  • No waiting period to be covered for illnesses other than pre-existing conditions
  • Read our full review of the MSIG MaidPlus Standard Plan
  • Exclusions for pre-existing conditions are waived for policy renewals if medical conditions occurs during the preceding policy under MSIG with no intervening break in cover
  • No provision for loss of household contents as a direct result of any act of fraud or dishonesty committed by the helper
  • Excludes expenses for neurasthenia, mental disease, psychiatric treatment, congenital sickness, birth defects, tests or treatment for sexually transmitted diseases, and any injury or illness due to alcoholism or drug abuse. Full exclusions in policy wording.