Citi Rewards Card

Citi Rewards Card

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Citi Rewards Card

What you apply for

Citi Rewards Credit Card is a card for frequent shoppers and frequent users of food delivery and ride hailing apps which allows them to earn a constant stream of rewards point. The Rewards points point redemption is flexible allowing users to redeem it on a number of things including flyer miles, vouchers and more.


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About Citi Rewards Card

  • 10X rewards points (4 miles per S$1) on online spending except travel
  • Online category includes online shopping, taxi/ride-hailing apps, food delivery, online groceries
  • 10X rewards points (4 miles per S$1) on offline fashion shopping and department stores
  • 1X reward point for every S$1 on all other spending
  • Use Citi PayAll to earn Citi Miles, Citi ThankYou PointsSM or Cash Back when you pay your bills with your Citi Credit Card
  • No min. spend required
  • Rewards points conversion rates: 4,400 points = S$10 cash rebate, 25,000 points = 10,000 miles
  • 10X rewards are capped at 10,000 points per month i.e. S$1,000 spend
  • 10X rewards excludes travel purchases online and non-fashion purchases offline

Who is it for?

Minimum Age 21

Minimum Annual IncomeS$ 30,000